I love to dance! I have been dancing competitively since I was just three years old. Dance is an activity that requires significant dedication and commitment. Dance has taught me responsibility and accountability. It has taught me how to be efficient and maximize my limited free time. I am grateful for all dance has taught me. Dancing, for me, is much more than being on a stage.

Experience on BYU Cougarettes

I can’t quite put into words how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to dance in college. Being an ambassador for BYU was an experience I will treasure forever. Being on Cougarettes taught me many things. The Nike gear wasn’t too bad either. 🙂

Auditioning for Cougarettes is an intense process. Dancers learn various skills and perform for a panel of judges. After several different cuts, the new team is posted. I can still remember sitting in my high school Biotech class when I found out I made the team. At the time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

My freshman year on Cougarettes was a rollercoaster. As a team, we cheered and performed at all football and basketball games, put on our own Cougarette concert, brought home two national titles, earned a bronze medal at World’s, and toured all over China. Some of my favorite memories on Cougarettes occurred my first year. It was a year I will never forget!

I served as president on Cougarettes for two years. As president, I acted as the main spokesperson for Cougarettes. I took the lead on media interviews and announcements. I represented Cougarettes in various meetings and official gatherings. I also functioned as a liaison between coaches and team members.

During my time on Cougarettes, we won three National Championships and two gold medals at ICU World’s Competition.

2019 NDA College Nationals Jazz D1A National Champions One of my most memorable performances to date… and not just because I broke my toe minutes before this performance. 🙂
2019 NDA College Nationals Hip Hop D1A National Champions Fun fact: two of my cousins were on this team with me!
2021 NDA College Nationals Jazz D1A Runners Up & 2021 ICU World Cheerleading Championships Jazz Gold Medal
2021 NDA College Nationals Hip Hop D1A National Champions & 2021 ICU World Cheerleading Championships Hip Hop Gold Medal

2022 NDA College Nationals Hip Hop D1A National Champions
2022 NDA College Nationals Hip Hop D1A National Champions

Snippet of my interview on BYU Sports Nation

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